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Archetipo is a project carried out with the contribution of the LOMBARDY REGION, under the POR FESR 2014-2020 SECTOR 3 – Specific objective 3B.2 “CONSOLIDATION, MODERNIZATION AND DIVERSIFICATION OF TERRITORIAL PRODUCTION SYSTEMS”, Actions III.3.b.2.1 and III .3.b.2.2.

The goal of the initiative is to boost the attractiveness of the Mantuan Oltrepò area (recognized as a UNESCO MAB Reserve by the Italian Unesco National Commission) by focusing on the archaeological heritage, to be rediscovered in an immersive, interactive, and participatory mode. Through augmented reality, educational workshops, performances and narrative expositions, these experiential proposals are integrated with the tourist systems of the Po River and its Mantuan tributaries.

There are various innovative elements of this proposal, starting from the strategic choice of bringing the archaeological assets back into a supply chain destined for the creation and marketing of tourist packages. Previously, in fact, archaeology in the territory was, mostly, an element intended for local dissemination from a cultural point of view, linked to initiatives that hardly went beyond the borders of the province. The relaunch of attractiveness is also based on strategies borrowed from professional partners: combining artistic and performative activities not only with narration, but above all with interaction, represents the second level of innovation. The third element of innovation is the inclusion of the so-called augmented reality in the attractive strategies, which integrates narration, three-dimensionality, animation and sound design in a single multimedia language.


Archetipo intends to capture a varied audience, increase visitors, and above all offer a new way to experience cultural heritage.


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