San Benedetto Po

The ancient name of the place was San Benedetto in Polirone, linked to the Benedictine monastery that was founded in 1007 by Tedald, count of Canossa, on the island that stood between the Po and Lirone, a branch of the great river that doesn't exist anymore.

The history

Polirone - its history is linked to the Polirone abbey, founded by Tedald, count of Canossa in 1007, one of the most important Cluniac sites among those that rose in medieval Europe. The Canossa family was then responsible for its development with donations of land.
Matilda of Tuscany, buried there, donated the Abbey to the Pope, who entrusted it to Hugh of Cluny.
Over the centuries periods of decline alternated with moments of renewed splendour, up to 1420, when the Polirone abbey passed to the congregation of Santa Giustina of Padua which led Giulio Romano, among others, to participate in the renovation of the Basilica.
The activity of the monastery continued until 1797, when Napoleon decided to abolish it.

Today San Benedetto Po is an important tourist centre where you can admire the monastic complex, the imposing Julian basilica and the Polirone Civic Museum, with its ethnographic collections, where you can enjoy the numerous food and wine excellences.

It was awarded the recognition of one of “the most beautiful villages in Italy”.

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