The path

The Archetipo Tour project intends to boost the attractiveness of the Mantuan Oltrepò territory pointing on the archaeological heritage, to be rediscovered with immersive, interactive and participatory modes. Through augmented reality, educational workshops, performances and narrative expositions, these experiential proposals are integrated with the tourist systems of the Po River and its Mantuan tributaries.

The stages

The stages of the Archetipo's path lead to the discovery of the entire historical baggage of knowledge, techniques and crafts - including those in the food and wine sector - developed around the river, highlighting the biodiversity that characterizes this area of the Po Valley, recognized as a UNESCO MAB Reserve. The path develops following the conventional chronology, starting from prehistoric finds up to the contemporary age.

Forcello Archaeological park

The remains of the first Etruscan site discovered north of the Po.

San Benedetto Po

The Polirone Abbey, one of the most important sites in Medieval Europe.


Its Civic Art Gallery houses works by Mantuan artists.


The first testimonies date back to Roman times, and there were numerous finds.


Due to its extremely strategic position, it was the scene of numerous clashes and wars.

Pieve di Coriano

Born on the right bank of the Po, it is mentioned as Pieve di Revere.


Rural landscape characterized by courtyards, "loghini" (rural building), aediculae (small

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